Sing Storytime Blog

This blog is for librarians and educators! I will be posting examples of books you can sing and other ways you can incorporate music in your programming.

Driving My Tractor

Here's a super-fun book you can sing in storytime- "Driving My Tractor" by Jan Dobbins and David Sim. This is one of the books published by Barefoot Books; I love them! This publisher has tons of great books you can sing, and most of them come with a CD.

You don't have to sing the book as it was recorded; it's okay to choose any melody you think fits the rhythm of the story. I do that a lot! But, I sing this one just like the recording. It's a great tune! After I've gone through a page or two, the kids and parents start singing along with the repeated "Chug, Chug, Clank Clank Toot!" every time. Tons of fun.