Image of the most adorable rocketship ever.
Photo of Rebecca Sunshine and her ukulele.

Rebecca Sunshine delivers extreme fun and entertainment! 

Rebecca began her children’s music career by creating and performing music-filled storytimes as a children’s librarian, singing and encouraging everyone to sing along while wielding her mighty and powerful ukulele. Those musical storytimes quickly expanded to Rebecca hosting regular music programs in her libraries. Rebecca was soon invited to perform music programs across the entire region, and before long Rebecca Sunshine Band was on stage around the Southeast. Rebecca Sunshine has been a featured performer for several years at the AthFest Music and Arts Festival, Savannah Children’s Book Festival, and the Marigold Festival. The band can also be found regularly performing at private events, too!

Rebecca has just released her first children's album: "Listen to Your Heart."  It contains a wide variety of songs, including music that is educational, rhythmically complex, and full of toe-tapping happiness that will get kids dancing and singing along. The album captures the joy of Rebecca’s live shows, which are a favorite of families across the Southeast.

Reviews from happy families:

We love our "Listen To Your Heart" CD and have listened to it nonstop since we got our copy. My children love every song, but have picked their favorites already and ask to hear the song again before it's even over. The songs are easy to sing along with and I love that the album has so many familiar favorites as well as a few that my kids didn't know already. I highly recommend this CD!  -Erin Johnsen

Rebecca Sunshine makes kids feel like rockstars and makes adults feel like kids. How many times is too many times to replay this? This CD is joyous, raucous, bright, in-your-face fun! I've seen crowds of children go crazy for Rebecca Sunshine and I want to join them. I love playing it for babies to shake their bums to at the daycare where I work, too!  -Sarah Powers

Our whole family loves Rebecca Sunshine's cheerful ukulele renditions of children's classics. My 4 year old and 18 month old love to sing along to standards like Wheels on the Bus and You Are My Sunshine and less traditional kids songs like Hound Dog and Bananaphone (my personal favorite). The cover art is adorable too! This is a great collection for young kids that parents will also love. -Kathleen Falke